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Update List - May 28th, 2015

UPDATEMay.26 2015

Dear Edda Speed Members,

1. Event
   1) “Edda Beach” Event has been begun. (Show Detail)
      - Enjoy reserve of beach.
2. Update
   1) JC Coin policy in Sacred War has been changed.
      - Even though you lose, you can receive 3 coins.
   2) Added items that can be brought by JC Coin of Sacred War’s reward.
      - Auto Loot(3 days): 120ea
      - Warp Book(7 days): 200ea
      - Amor Equipment Letter(7 days): 400ea
      - Amor Enchanement Scroll(7 days): 500ea
   3) Skill balance of 2nd Class
      - Add God’s Power of New 2nd Class and etc.
   4) Add/Delete items in Item Mall (Show Detail)
      - Master Fighter Present (Delete)
      - Glory Knight Present (Delete)
      - Vacation Present (Add)
      - Random Box Of Cloak (Add)
3. Bug Fix
   1) Text about Advancement
   2) Change Moving Speed Kart in Yakuza Present (Moving Speed 60% → 80%)

Thank you.
LegendOfEdda: Speed Team

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