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[Finished] Let's play with your buddy

EVENTMay.15 2015
Dear Edda Members,

We are very thankful to your deep affection to Legend of Edda: Speed and prepared “Broadcasting Event”.
Please receive unique URL from official site and broadcast it to many SNS like Facebook.

[How to attend Event]
1. Click HERE
2. When you click ‘Receive URL’ in pop-up window, unique URL will be created.
3. Broadcast the URL to your SNS, Blog and etc.
4. When anyone visits official site of Legend of Edda: Speed with the URL, you will get point. More people, more point

 ★ May 15th ~ June 3rd(Before Maintenance)

These are rewards for your efforts~
  ※ 'HP Potion Of Heaven' Item will be issued to inventory in Item Mall when issue condition is met enough.
  ※ If you get points with illegal action, you will be ruled out.

Thank you.
Edda Speed Team
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